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Stacy Burke in Holiday Kink @

 $20.21 @
Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very good. This film is shot in High Definition and Dolby Digital.
Overview: Jewell Marceau's Holiday Kink is a film by legendary fetish and bondage performer Jewell Marceau. In this film from her production company A Crowned Jewell Production, Jewell is the boss of a company. Christina Carter is her loyal employee and Anastasia Pierce is the office intern. Jewell Marceau is one of all time best performers who can combine fetish and bondage so sexy. Even though she can be rough when she wants to, Jewell is quite amazingly hot when she puts on the charm during her softer side of bondage play.         
Scene One: When the scene begins, we see Jewell Marceau laying on a bed. Her head is covered by a black hood. Her body is covered in green rubber. Her wrists are tied together. Her breasts are exposed. The woman is moaning and wiggling a bit. She wants to be free. There is a paper sign stating "To be played with, but not opened until Christmas." There are a few Christmas presents beside her. The camera pans Jewell's body for a while before Stacy Burke arrives. There is a vibrator on top of Jewell, a pussy pump and mouth pump are connected to her, and some Christmas ribbon on top of her. Moments later, the preoccupied Stacy realizes that someone else in on her bed. She tries to figure out who the covered woman could be and who might had given her the cool gift. Later, Stacy is rubbing her pussy as she continues to figure out who the woman could be. The Stacy's hands become more touchy-feely throughout her body especially her breasts. I really enjoy listening to the lady's vocal comments as the lady becomes more turned on. Later, when Stacy squeezes the pump, Jewell squeals very loudly. Then, she squeezes and sucks on the woman's tits. I love hearing Jewell squeal when Stacy sucks and licks her breasts. Jewell continues to wiggle while Stacy rubs ice cubes on her nipples. Afterwards, Stacy focuses on Jewell's feet. She removes her black heels and tickles her feet a whole lot. It's a pretty silly and fun moment. It lasts several minutes. Then, she puts Jewell's heels back onto the woman's fee. Next, Stacy opens a present very rapidly. The gift is vibrating nipple clamps. She tries the toy on her own hot nipples. The sensations get her quite turned on. Later, Stacy uses those nipple clamps on Jewell. Then, the red head takes her turn on using all of the toys that are connected to Jewell. In the end, Stacy puts on her bra and leaves the room.
Final Thoughts: Fetish lovers of female on female teasing activity are going to love this film. Stacy Burke's performance was so good that viewers who had never seen her before will want to see more of her performances. She was so likable and at times, silly. Even though Jewell was sort of a mummified figure, the tone of the movie was never mean-spirited. The audience never felt sorry for her. Credit needs to go to Jewell in being in that position for a long time as well as reacting to the situation so perfectly. I recommend this fun fetish flick even though no sex occurred.   

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Only Fans: Photos and Messages
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