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Custom Shoot Script for Cuel Video Tomorrow

Francesca is dressed in a Snow White costume (over black bra, panties and garter belt with tan stockings). Stacy is dressed in an Alice in Wonderland costume (over white corset, panties, garters and stockings). Both are wearing black platform thigh boots.

They start playfully having a pillow fight. Francesca then complains that she’s been having an argument with her new boyfriend about what constitutes “first base” when making out and they end up making out so Stacy can demonstrate. They then move on to “second base”, “third base” and “fourth base” with Stacy being very thorough in her demonstration!
Plenty of kissing (lots of tongue and at least one long, passionate kiss) and caressing of each other’s bodies (lots of boob fondling, some nipple sucking), ending up wearing nothing but garter belt, stockings and boots.

Stacy then produces a strap-on and has Francesca practice sucking it before using it to give Francesca an enormous orgasm.
Then they each use fingers and tongue to make the other come, perform 69 on each other and then both orgasm through tribbing with each other.

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Only Fans: Photos and Messages
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